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New Event! Quarterly Cadence - A System of Work Ninja move

 a promotional graphic for a virtual event titled "Quarterly Cadence - A System of Work Ninja move"

Do you have too much WIP? Are you struggling to get alignment on priorities? Are you struggling to match demand and capacity of your teams?

A ninja move that we have seen work, time and time again, is to leverage a quarterly cadence to create the right visibility, alignment and decision making to enable better flow of outcomes.

Quarterly Cadence - A system of work ninja move

In this meet-up, Mark and Maria, from Sooner Safer Happier, will share the quarterly cadence pattern that has been tried and tested in a number of large organisations. We will discuss how to leverage the quarterly cadence as a ninja move - the why, what and how.

Sam and Eugene, from TeamForm, will showcase how you can leverage your data with TeamForm to accelerate and enable this cadence.

Come along to hear about how to set-up your Quarterly cadence for success and to see how tooling can automate the process!

Brought to you by the partnership between Sooner Safer Happier and TeamForm.


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