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The Sooner Safer Happier business agility community exists to provide support to leaders at all levels and in all roles to achieve better organisational outcomes and a more humane world of work
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Why you should join

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A forum for shared learning

The community provides a forum for shared learning. Every organisation is unique and there is no cookie-cutter approach to improving business agility. Social proof and storytelling play an important role for shared learning.

Members are invited to virtual events to hear learnings from other organisations and invited to share their own learnings.

Diverse and inclusive

The Community of Practice supports business agility across the whole enterprise and welcomes leaders in all roles: strategy and planning, marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, audit, regulatory compliance, cyber security, governance, data, information technology and more. Members reside in 28+ countries across all major global regions.

For leaders at all levels

We believe anyone who seeks to change the world around themselves is a leader. We observe not all leaders are line managers and not all line managers are leaders. All levels of experience are welcome. There is no assumed base level of knowledge about frameworks or methods and jargon is minimised.

Why BVSSH meet-ups? Well, they challenge me to think deeper and in different ways which is hugely valuable. I go to meet-ups as a way to re-energise after a day of meetings.

-Community Member

I have attended pretty much all of BVSSH meetups since the start and watch the recordings when I cannot. I find the approach very realistic, practical and actionable. The community is very welcoming and inclusive. 

-Community Member

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Community Events

Meet our regional community leads

Maria Muir

Marcus Braszell

Zsolt Berend

Simon Rohrer

Mark Payne

Peter Maddison

Matt Turner

Dean Latchana

Stephen Dowling

Lisa Popplewell

Kate Mulligan

BMK Lakshinarayanan

Mark Hills

Anne Gambles

Recent recorded events

Where possible and within constraints agreed with members who share their stories our Meetups are recorded and posted onto the BVSSH YouTube channel. Recent highlights are included here.

Get in touch

We look forward to welcoming you to the next community event in your region! If you have questions or would like to offer to share your experiences, please use the form below or contact a member of the leadership team directly via LinkedIn.

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