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Sooner Safer Happier is a global business agility consultancy enabling organisations to achieve better outcomes

See how our approach is different

Services we provide
  • Organising for Outcomes - Evolving the Operating Model, Value stream establishment, Org design, Governance, risk & compliance, Funding model; Adaptive strategy and OKRs, Lean portfolio management

  • Ways of Working Centre of Enablement - Co-lead the WoW CoE, Installing WoW outcomes and measures, Resolving enterprise impediments, WoW coaching, Strategy to Execution

  • Leadership Engagement - Executive workshops and coaching, Leadership offsites, Connecting you with local and global peers

  • Data Focus - Creating radical visibility, unlocking measurability, transparency and data driven ways of working outcomes

  • Strategy to Execution - Adaptive strategy and OKRs, Lean portfolio management, Team design, WoW coaching

  • Other Advisory - Inspirational keynotes, WoW diagnostic

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Focus on outcomes

We focus on outcomes first and foremost, We believe in tailoring frameworks and practices to your unique contest by focusing on outcomes first : Better Value Sooner Safer Happier. An outcome focus ensures that you will receive value in your ways of working investment. 

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One size does not fit all

Every organisation, every leader is unique. There is no one size fits all model for success. We co-create the approach with you and use coaching and experimentation to test for improved outcomes in your context.

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Think big, start smart and learn fast

This is the best approach to achieve cultural change. Innovators go first, creating social proof within the organisation, making it easier for others to adopt.  Based on your context, we will co-create with your team the experiments needed to discover an improvement path.

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Lead from behind

We are practitioners who will do the hard yards with you. We have walked in your shoes and will approach the change with empathy and credibility. With our sleeves rolled up, we are able to guide, coach and support you to learn the patterns of business agility.

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Foster learning

By co-creating with you, our aim is to transfer the skills to help establish your self-sustaining team. We believe that you would never be done improving so it is critical to build your learning muscle. Everyday is day one.

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Together for the long term

Our long term relationship go beyond individual engagements. We recognise sticky change takes time and help can come in a variety of forms overtime. We emphasise fostering community, both internally within your organisation and outside. 

We have expertise in

  • Enterprise operating model and organisation design

  • Team design

  • Value stream design and implementation

  • Lean portfolio management and OKRs

  • System of work and WoW

  • Governance, risk and compliance

  • ​Leading for better outcomes

  • High performing team

  • Enterprise transformation approach to change

“Most organizations would say they have a solid strategy, and some are pursuing new ways of working to achieve that strategy; however, often not in an optimal way. BVSSH is the unlock for organizations, and this book gives the practical guidance to WIN.”

Courtney Kissler, VP Global Technology 


Our Impact


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We build lasting, long-term relationships in the community with our clients

Leadership Development
Leadership Development Programme
Office Coffee Break

Behaviour change requires more than classroom activity. This training for senior leadership is much more than classroom training; it includes a number of interventions to extend classroom learning and build muscle memory for improvement:
Including, pulse checks, 1 to 1 coaching, Action plan and cohort community

Lateral leadership Development
Conversation Between Colleagues

A one-day leadership training program concentrating on principles and mindset, empowering leaders with the ability to influence and motivate, build psychological safety and trust, and improve the system of work, enabling them to champion improved leadership and achieve better outcomes.

1 on 1 coaching
Team Meeting

Supercharge your progress with personalized 1:1 or small group coaching by Sooner Safer Happier authors. Navigate your unique challenges, applying insights and action to your daily operations to achieve your goals. 

Fearless Organisation Psychological Safety Scan
Team at work

Improve team effectiveness, with a practical and evidence based approach. Building an organization where team members feel safe to express ideas, take risks, and learn from failures can significantly impact engagement, retention, and resilience.

Cultivating Psychological Safety
Business Meeting

Foster an environment where everyone thrives and grows as part of a supportive and high-performing team.

Dive deep into specific elements of psychological safety, providing actionable strategies. Foster a culture of continuous improvement as teams reflect on their experiences and learning.

Ways of Working Diagnostic
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Do you or your organisation truly know where you are on your journey to a better Ways of Working?
Are you organised for high flow of value?
Are you Outcome aligned?
Can you measure success?
If not, our WoW Diagnostic can help you accelerate understanding what and how to improve.

Quick learns
Glossary Quick Learn
Get in touch

Where will you start your journey? Reach out for a virtual coffee to explore how we can help. 

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