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  • Kristiana Sotirova

Rewiring for Innovation: The Suncorp Business Transformation Story



the exterior of a modern building, with the large, dark blue letters spelling "SUNCORP" against a patterned metal facade. A graphic element resembling a bright yellow sun punctuates the right side of the signage, contrasting with the clear blue sky in the background.


With a proud history as pioneers in agile ways of working, Suncorp has been on a 3-year digital transformative journey to deliver value faster with smart, simple and trusted digital experiences through its twelve acquired brands.


To improve customer centricity, innovation and agility.


Where it all started... with Mindsets and Behaviours

  1. Customer obsession

  2. Pace over perfection

  3. Transparency & trust

  4. Empowered teams

Changes that were made... Key shifts to rewire the Org

  1. Hierarchical organisation >> Organised for outcomes & impact

  2. Project management focus >> Value realisation office

  3. Larger releases >> De-scale release & deployment 

  4. Siloed governance >> Simplified & integrated guardrails

  5. Islands of agility >> Brilliant @the basics of Agile@scale


  • Value - 0% increase in value realisation

  • Sooner - 50% improvement in throughput

             - 30% reduction in lead time

  • Happier - 10% uplift in team health

Link to the video:


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