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  • Kate Mulligan

NEW EVENT: Change - A Tale of Two Companies

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM BST

Join us for a journey through the world of change with Nigel Mahoney, an experienced coach who navigated the turbulent waters of organisational change in two large companies. We will look at contrasting experiences at a financial institution linked to the stock market and a leading media company.

Part One: The Stock Market ChallengeDiscover the challenges faced when new ways of thinking were introduced to the complex, fast-paced environment of a large financial institution why the impact was minimal. What barriers existed in such a structured industry, and what lessons were learned when conventional methods fell short?

Part Two: Media Company SuccessTaking those lessons learned, we transition to a success story in a major media company where the use of Simon Powers' Enterprise Change Pattern helped to create an environment of change. Explore the techniques that transformed resistance into readiness, and scepticism into success.

Whether you’re an Agile enthusiast, a change manager, or just curious about organisational dynamics, this presentation will provide valuable insights into achieving effective change.


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