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  • Kristiana Sotirova

Analyzing the Success of Roche: A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Innovation and Business Strategy



A hand in a blue glove holds a small, cylindrical object, with the blue logo of Roche, a healthcare company, prominently displayed in the background.


The world’s largest biotech company, with an extensive history of innovation in pharma of over 125+ years, Roche started a global ways of working transformation in 2019. Their ambition was to deliver 3-5x more benefit (medical advancement) at half the cost to society.


Better health outcomes, for more patients, faster


2019-2020: Country agile transformations

2021: Curation of learnings from 120 countries

2021-2023: Scaling together exponentially for patients

2023: Leveraging the power of networks


  1. Operating principles - to guide the journey

  2. Operating model - system of teams, collaborative network capabilities, and shared accountability 

  3. Leadership - “part of the crew”, enabling the right conditions with the minimum level of architecture

  4. Outcomes based planning supported by transparent, fluid financial resource


  • Better  

- Increased patient and customer quality

              - Higher quality than industry standards    

  • Value    - Delivery of outcomes / impact

  • Sooner   - Increased speed of patient and customer impact

                - Faster than industry standards

                - Ability to respond to a complex world, new challenges and to leverage network fluidity

  • Safer     

- Positive feedback from regulators on transparency and clarity enabled by new ways of working

  • Happier - Patient and customer centricity

   - Growing new capabilities supporting personal growth journeys

               - WoW that support preparing for an unknown world

Link to the video:


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