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  • Kristiana Sotirova

Embracing Change: Nationwide's Strategy for a Digital Future



a large billboard affixed to the side of a brick building, with the text "Going, going, nowhere." in large white letters against a blue background, below which is the Nationwide logo and the slogan "A good way to bank," indicating Nationwide's commitment to keeping their branches open.


Largest member-owned retail bank in the UK with 130+ year old history that recognised that it needed to change ways of working to become more digitally enabled


  1. Directly sponsored and invested in by the COO

  2. Extending upon the foundations of digital transformation, the initial team formed in January 2022 with the aim to evolve, adapt and thrive while meeting the needs of an ever-changing Society  


Starting with an enterprise Way of Working Centre of Enablement and federated Enablement Teams within each functional area, support was provided to improve core accelerators for flow, value, quality and culture. This was done through:

  1. Value Stream design and incremental adoption for E2E flow

  2. Identifying the Golden Thread of Value to connect strategy to work

  3. Psychological safety and training

  4. Transition from PMO to VRO (Value Realisation Office)

  5. Measurement and insights through a BVSSH data dashboard

  6. Lean Control by reimagining the technical controls approach

  7. Introducing SRE and modern technical DevOps practices

an infographic depicting a circular framework labeled "VALUE" at the center, surrounded by four quadrants: Better, Sooner, Safer, and Happier. Each quadrant contains keywords such as Quality, Lead Time, Continuous Compliance, and considerations for Colleagues, Customers, Citizens, and Climate, highlighting a holistic approach to organizational value creation.


  • Better - Enterprise capability for measurement and continual improvement   


  • Value - Fourfold improvement alignment of work to strategy to over 60%

  • Sooner - Average acceleration of work delivery across the organisation by 25%

  • Safer - Lean governance and delivery with control embedded in the work

  • Happier - Shared understanding of WoW principles and values, flow, cross-functional teams for ‘real’ focus on culture

Link to the video:


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