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  • Zsolt Berend

How to Foster a Learning Culture and Create a Dynamic Learning Team within Your Organisation

Image based on Speeding up team learning - Shows connected clouds with the 4 themes for creating a learning team

Returning to the roots of knowledge is always enlightening, especially when it is based on deep research. In this case, a timeless Harvard Business Review article from 2001 by Amy C. Edmondson, Richard M.J. Bohmer, and Gary P. Pisano continues to be an invaluable resource for understanding the key drivers of optimising team-level learning.

The authors identified four pivotal factors that contribute to creating an environment for learning. The details following the key factors are not a direct quote, but rather my interpretation of the principles outlined in the article.

1️⃣ Designing a Team for Learning.

Form long-lived, multidisciplinary teams that evolve and learn together over time.

2️⃣ Framing the Challenge.

Establish an inspiring purpose that serves as a source of motivation for its members.

3️⃣ Psychological Safety.

Create an atmosphere where it is safe to ask for help, seek feedback, and experiment without fear of judgment.

4️⃣ Leading to Learn.

Embrace the role of a learning leader by demonstrating vulnerability, accessibility, and a willingness to seek input from your team.

These principles remain as relevant today as they were over two decades ago.

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Source: Speeding Up Team Learning by Amy C. Edmondson, Richard M.J. Bohmer, and Gary P. Pisano


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