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  • Kristiana Sotirova

Analyzing the Impact: A Bankwest Case Study on Financial innovation 



a Bankwest branch entrance with vibrant orange branding and digital ads displayed on vertical screens, accompanied by an ATM section to the side. Inside, customers can be seen interacting with bank services.


A Western Australian bank part of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), 120+ years old launched an enterprise ways of working change in 2017, through the Financial Services Royal Commission in 2018, and for multiple years post.


To improve customer centricity, financial innovation and agility


  1. Sponsored by the CEO and led by the CIO

  2. Re-design of operating model, delivery model, and ways of working.

  3. Focus on culture and behaviour change 

  4. 3 pillars: How people organise; How work is organised; What behaviours were required

  5. Test and learn changes through significant moves to embed ways of working change across enterprise


  • Better  - 20% improvement in system health - 40-60% improved ratio of Engineering to Non-Engineering roles

  • Value    - Delivery of OKRs

  • Sooner   - 2x volume of small and medium change

             x 40% improvement in lead time to change

               - 2z frequency of deployments

  • Safer      - Ability to pivot and respond to the Banking Royal Commission in 2018

             - ELT Bear and regulatory obligations met

  • Happier - 85% employee engagement scores


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