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Team Foundations: Unlocking High Performance

Resulting from a collaboration between two global thought leading organisations, Team Foundations: Unlocking High Performance is unique due to its blend of the latest thinking on outcomes, team roles, mindset and principles - combined with highly practical and re-usable collaboration canvases.

Sooner Safer Happier and AWA Global&AWA Norway are beyond excited to announce our new ICAgile certified course –Team Foundations: Unlocking High Performance.

This new interactive course supports high performance team mobilisation. It is designed to help new teams to orientate rapidly around customer goals and establish working patterns and key roles. The course is equally valuable for existing teams needing to reboot their customer focus, rethink their culture and establish new team norms.

As a result of this course your team will be equipped to:

  • focus on their customer and purpose

  • understand how to articulate and measure value

  • structure work connected to outcomes/OKRs

  • experience the benefits of self-organising teams

  • experience the benefits of short feedback loops

  • optimise their flow

  • practise continual improvement

  • maintain a high trust environment

  • engage effectively with their organisational context

High Praise from recent attendees:

“The course provides a comprehensive take on agility and what it means. The exercises are world class and help learners grasp the information more easily.”

“I was introduced to agile practices and ways of working in 2019 and since then have done a mix of self-learning, accredited courses and on the job learning, but I wish I had done this course earlier!”

“It provides a well-rounded understanding of agile foundations applied to "real-life situations". The practices and tools provided can immediately be implemented - which I did!”

We’re thrilled to bring this course to life together and are looking forward to meeting people and teams from all industries and sectors through it!

More information on logistics and how to sign up can be found through our website here. ICAgile certification is based on an expanded Agility Foundations (ICP) curriculum.


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