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High Performance Team Foundations

Mobilise your high performance team with this Sooner Safer Happier variant of an industry accredited team foundations course. Establish trust as well as an understanding of the mindset, roles, principles and practices needed to operate with agility and improve flow, leading to great customer outcomes.

Attendees will experience and learn practices around how to focus on customer outcomes, create high-performing teams, how to focus on the flow of value and how to optimise.

Learning Outcomes


Agile fundamentals (ICP) is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates an understanding of the agile mindset, values, principles, and foundational concepts. This course covers the essential concepts of agility as well as the considerations required to put them into practice. Among the outcomes are the following:

  • Experience how to create a safe space for learning.

  • Explain what agility is, what are the agile values and beliefs to consider

  • The importance of starting with why

  • Practical approach to focus on customer outcomes

  • Experience the benefits of customer engagement

  • Experience the benefits of self-organising teams

  • Collaboration practices

  • Defining value-based work

  • The importance of team happiness, and how to improve it

  • Explain different ways of working approaches based on the context

  • The importance of alignment

  • Demonstrate how to create visibility of work

  • Practical approach to focus on flow

  • Experience the benefits of limiting work in progress 

  • Explain Kanban basics

  • Explain roles and responsibilities within the team

  • Explain how to maintain and improve quality

  • Experience the benefits of smaller batch size, frequent delivery

  • The importance of planning instead of having a plan

  • Practise relative estimation

  • Explain flow metrics

  • Practising continuous improvement

This course will help you

Understand what is agile

Learners can describe what agility is and can reflect on agile values and beliefs to consider what practises, processes and tools will support them in their context.

Build high performing teams

Learners can share qualities of High Performing Team and can measure happiness and performance of own team,

Create visibility

Learners can describe their own flow, and reflect on elements that impede flow in their organisation to suggest improvements.

Start with Why. Focus on the Outcomes.

The course provides an exhaustive take on Agility and what it means. The exercises are world class and help learners grasp the information more easily.

Course Pricing
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£??? GBP Per Person

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