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  • Kate Mulligan

NEW EVENT: Deep dive into Objectives and Key Results - AMA with Jeff Gothelf

WED, JUN 19 · 8:00 AM BST

Objectives and Key Results: Focusing on customer outcomes to drive product roadmaps, alignment and agility

Objectives and Key Results. Ask around and you’ll hear a level of adoption across industries and domains similar to the big wave of Agile adoption in the late 00’s into the 10’s.

For a 40 year old goal-setting framework, OKRs are having quite an impact on the business world. There are increasingly more books on the topic, software to support OKR rollout and a rising number of consultants specialising strictly in their deployment across companies large and small.

We will be doing an AMA style format for this event! AMA stands for Ask Me Anything.

Jeff will share what OKR's are, how to write them effectively, why they're powerful and what to look for as organizations begin to implement them.

As the interviewer, Maria Muir, will come with a set of initial questions to help kick off the conversation. And as a group, please bring your Qs to the conversation.


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