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Flow Fundamentals Workshop

From delivery chaos to clarity

Unlock the power of flow. Discover the key principles of visualising work, limiting work in progress, identifying impediments. Learn how to optimise the flow of value, how to establish continuous improvement practices and culture.

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Discover the Power of Flow: Achieve Continuous Improvement and Improve Delivery Performance

Learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement and optimise your team's performance through the principles of flow. By visualising work, limiting work in progress, and stopping starting, you can streamline their workflows, reduce sources of delay, and create a laser focus on achieving their goals. 

This workshop provides expert guidance on how to apply these principles to your specific context, enabling you to boost productivity, reduce lead time, and improve efficiency. Additionally, by measuring for learning and using OpenSpace to pop the bubbles, you will gain valuable tools for ongoing improvement and collaboration.

This half day workshop will help you

Visualise your work and discover sources of delay

 By applying the principles of flow, you will learn how to create a visual representation of your work, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate sources of delay.

Create a culture of continuous improvement

You will learn how to focus on continuous improvement, measure for learning, and use OpenSpace to pop the bubbles, creating a culture of ongoing growth and development.

Boost productivity and efficiency

By streamlining your workflows, limiting work in progress, you will be able to optimise your delivery performance, ultimately driving success and achieving your goals.

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"We covered pragmatic and adaptable patterns, discussed by real experts, using real life context."

"I learnt how to create change that sticks using hard and soft skills together (brain and heart)"

"I recieved practical and useful materials that I can use in my organisation"

Why we love this workshop

"This morning, I introduced colleagues to a pattern that I had heard about. It had a dramatic impact! Your training is immediately making a drastic difference in my organisation."

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​Get ready for half a day of interactive and practical learning. Through case studies, group discussions, and hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to visualise flow, limit work in progress, and optimise for value.


We'll show you how to connect these principles to your own work and provide plenty of time for questions, practice, and real-life examples. By the end of the workshop, you'll have the skills to achieve measurable improvements in better value, sooner, safer, and happier outcomes for your organisation or clients.

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