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  • Kate Mulligan

Nurturing Change: Treesisters' Community-Led Restoration Efforts

Our Dedicated Charity Partner

'Happier' includes happier clients, colleagues, citizens and climate.

Increasing colleague engagement is driven by a number of factors, one of which is Purpose.

Building strong alignment between your organisational purpose and its wider social and environmental context can help colleagues tap in to a wider emotional passion that can be infectious with your clients and your brand.

In Bolivia, Treesisters Charity, our Charity Partner, is supporting real action in the efforts for environmental restoration and community empowerment.

In the 11 communities they support, it’s not just about planting trees; it’s about tackling the root issues of deforestation, which range from systemic problems to ignoring local voices.

In the Bolivia community communal squares, fruit trees now stand in these areas, a sign of collaboration and a boost for community wellbeing.

But their work isn't confined to the squares. It also includes replanting forests around critical water sources and the Tunari National Park. It's about preserving nature's balance and giving local ecosystems a fighting chance.

And it's not just about planting trees - nurturing is equally important for carbon sequestration. Treesisters helps communities by offering training in social ecology and sustainable farming, empowering them to take charge of land and livelihoods and supporting businesses that use local plants and biodiversity. It's a win-win, boosting local economies and preserving each area's unique identity.

This story is one of grit and determination, working in 11 communities across 9 countries. Treesisters and local partners are in it together, making real change happen on the ground.

As the sun sets over Bolivia, casting long shadows across the landscape, Treesisters Charity is just getting started. With sleeves rolled up and boots on the ground, they're nurturing change, one tree, one community at a time. 

As organisations and as individuals, we all have a part to play in restoring our planet. We are incredibly thankful to all members of our movement who are already supporting TreeSisters through buying a copy of Sooner Safer Happier, or joining our training and coaching programs.

Call to action

Is your organisation committed to social and climate improvement as part of your normal business model? If not, why not?

a collage of photos showing a group of individuals, likely from a rural community, engaged in agricultural activities, such as planting trees and working in the fields, with a focus on communal involvement and traditional attire.


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