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Organising for Outcomes Simulation Event

Can you improve the value your portfolio generates?

Experience the difference between a traditional resource management style of PMO vs a focus on OKRs, Outcomes and Value. 

Learn how to accelerate the value and reduce the risk delivered by your portfolio

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Maximize Your Portfolio's Potential: Play to Win

The simulation delivers a high-stakes, high-reward experience that's perfect for anyone managing big budgets and investsments. It is for anyone looking to test their organising for outcomes skills in a fun, engaging, and challenging environment.


This half day workshop will help you

Optimise Value

Are you working on the highest value work that is strategically aligned?

Improve data driven decisions

Learn how to measure and track value, reduce risks, and increase their chances of success.

Improve engagement

Learn how to achieve shared goals, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to create high-performing teams.

Learn from practical examples how to organise for outcomes in your own work
Northern & Western Europe, USA
 Standard Pricing
£395 GBP Per Person
($495 USD)
Rest of the World
Standard Pricing
$595AUD per person
(Australian Dollars)
Course Pricing
Join with your team

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