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Leadership Development Programme

Leading for better Ways of Working

Elevate your leadership abilities and drive results for your team.

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Invest in your future as a leader

Training tailored to your organisation on leadership behaviours in a high change environment and that support your Ways of Working.

Behaviour change requires more than classroom activity. To learn how to ski, you need to go skiing. Learning needs practice, repetition and feedback loops.

This training is much more than classroom training ; it includes a number of interventions to extend classroom learning and build muscle memory for improvement:

This leadership programme will help you

 Why, When & Behaviours

Why change. Why change how you change. Leadership behaviours, patterns and antipatterns, psychological safety
Case study & action plan. Review 360 degree survey

Outcomes, Flow and Continuous Improvement

How to optimize for most value through experimentation and safe-to-fail, flow and optimizing for soonest time to value with servant leadership and impediment clearing, and how to measure for learning with feedback and continuous improvement.

How to change how you do what you do

Covering the importance of achieving big through small,  the diffusion of innovation, agency, recognition, neuroscience and organizational change, neurodiversity, and much more

Achieve better outcomes and to foster a more humane world of work.

“Most organizations would say they have a solid strategy, and some are pursuing new ways of working to achieve that strategy; however, often not in an optimal way. BVSSH is the unlock for organizations, and this book gives the practical guidance to WIN.”

Courtney Kissler, VP Global Technology

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