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Choose from a range of multiday courses and workshops

Multiday training courses
Business Agility Patterns and Antipatterns (BVSSH)

“I want more effective ways to improve speed to value delivery” Access a wealth of knowledge, in a well structured...

Business Agility Value Outcome Leadership (BVSSH)

“We can now align our people and talents far more effectively to create better outcomes and a more sustainable work...

Training Courses
IC Agile Team Fondations

Develop an understanding of agile mindset, values, principles and fundamental concepts, and practices.

Kanban System Design  (KMP1)

As the world of work becomes more complex and accelerated, many organisations are seeking to improve how they deliver change...

Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP2)

Completing Kanban Systems Improvement will see students awarded the Kanban Management Professional accreditation by Kanban University.

Kanban Systems Improvement takes...

Half day workshops
Flow Fundamentals Workshop
Writing on Glass

Discover the key principles of visualising work, limiting work in progress, and stop starting to create a culture of continuous improvement and improve delivery outcomes.

Business Outcomes (OKRs) Workshop
Business meeting

Get the skills you need to achieve measurable improvements in your business outcomes, and deliver better value to your customers, sooner, safer, and happier. 

Organising for Outcomes Simulation Event

Can you improve the value your portfolio generates?

Experience the difference between a traditional resource management style of PMO vs a focus on OKRs, Outcomes and Value. 

Development pogammes
Value Stream Workshop
Friendly Business Team

Identify value being provided, who are the producers and consumers. Articulate a hypothesis about what your organisational value streams might be. This work shop will help you get started and embed principles to support an evolving approach to delivery of customer value.

Metrics Dashboard Workshop
Business meeting

Create a culture of using data and insights for continuously improving ways of working and customer outcomes. Participants will gain hands-on experience and insights into the fundamental principles of building impactful dashboards.

Development Programmes
Leadership Development Programme
Office Coffee Break

Behaviour change requires more than classroom activity. This training for senior leadership is much more than classroom training ; it includes a number of interventions to extend classroom learning and build muscle memory for improvement:
Including, pulse checks, 1 to 1 coaching, Action plan and cohort community

Lateral leadership Development
Conversation Between Colleagues

A leadership development curriculum designed for people leading teams – lasting 2 weeks, focused on principles and mindset, to equip leaders with the skills needed to become change agents and champions for better Agile Leadership in your organisation, leading to better outcomes 

1 on 1 coaching
Team Meeting

Supercharge your progress with personalized 1:1 or small group coaching by Sooner Safer Happier authors. Navigate your unique challenges, applying insights and action to your daily operations to achieve your goals. 

Fearless Organisation Psychological Safety Scan
Team at work

Improve team effectiveness, with a practical and evidence based approach. Building an organization where team members feel safe to express ideas, take risks, and learn from failures can significantly impact engagement, retention, and resilience.

Cultivating Psychological Safety
Business Meeting

Foster an environment where everyone thrives and grows as part of a supportive and high-performing team.

Dive deep into specific elements of psychological safety, providing actionable strategies. Foster a culture of continuous improvement as teams reflect on their experiences and learning.

Why our training is different

Our courses are designed to maximise your learning outcomes. They are designed to enable participants to connect the learning to their own context, provide time to discuss and question using real-life stories, and to practise the concepts to demystify the theory. All of our courses heavily rely on case studies, group discussion, and practical scenarios-based exercises.

Our expert facilitators are able to spend more or less time on particular concepts as guided by participants so learning can be prioritised where it will be most valuable, and make sure that the core concepts are covered in the program.

Delivered virtually or in-person through back-of-the-room facilitation, we offer different training programs and courses that are engaging and interactive. Participants can sign-up for the publicly offered courses or private in-house sessions can be organised for groups within an organisation.

Join the movement and enhance your skills to deliver value sooner and safer with happier teams. Don’t wait to take action, start learning now!

Our experience sets us apart

Our courses are delivered by deeply experienced Ways of Working practitioners with over 20 years of experience in the fields of telecom, healthcare, IT, financial services and more. With a passion for agile and lean practices, measurements and delivering Better Value Sooner Safer Happier, we share real-life stories that we have experienced first-hand to bring the learning outcomes to life.

Not only are we experienced practitioners, we are expert trainers and facilitators. Having delivered multiple training programs, we will ensure that you have fun, learn and can apply the concepts to your context.

“At The Smith Family we have been looking for ways to improve how we work with the aim to deliver more outcomes more quickly to the families and students we support. When the offer was made to me to take part in the BVSSH Patterns and Anti-Patterns course, I viewed it as a chance to be exposed to a new way of thinking about business transformation. The structure of the course, based upon anti-patterns and patterns struck a lot of chords and highlighted that we could improve our approach in many areas. The course materials, which includes the book Sooner Safer Happier by Jonathan Smart et al., are based on reusable templates which can be translated to your context and are easy to understand and apply. The training itself, which was delivered virtually with attendees on my course from Europe, S.E. Asia and Australasia, was clearly and expertly delivered by the facilitators.”

Peter Didlick

Agile Coach, The Smith Family

More training on offer through AWA

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)


Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM)


Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC)


Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)

Useful Resources
Bestselling business agility book

An indispensable guide for leaders who truly want to transform

Jonathan Smart and co-authors, who are business agility practitioners, thought leaders, and coaches, reveal patterns and antipatterns to show how business leaders from every industry can help their organizations deliver better value sooner, safer, and happier through high levels of engagement, inclusion, and empowerment. It leaves no stone unturned by touching on how to change and how to lead with practical examples of what to consider.

Quick learn
Exercise: How to create an outcome hypothesis

Are you looking for support to help shift your focus from output to outcome? Are you looking to experiment to keep up in today’s Age of Digital world? This simple exercise enables everyone to understand, measure and improve the identification and delivery of value.

Check out the exercise.png

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